My Mom and Dad Got Radiesse Plus in Denver and Are Acting Like Teenagers

My mom was worried about her wrinkles. Dad adores her to no end, and thinks it is ridiculous. However, he wants her to feel her best about her looks. He got Radiesse Plus in Denver for her as a gift for her birthday. She was more than elated. It was weird seeing Mom get a wrinkle treatment for a birthday gift and be overjoyed. You would think that a woman would freak out if anyone bought her something like that. I would be like, you calling me old? Mom and Dad are a unique couple. There is never any offense, and they know exactly what the other one wants and even thinks.

I hope to have someone in my life who I get that close with when we get married. Mom is all smiles now that she had the dermal filler treatment. I have to admit that her face, neck and hands look years younger. The before and after pictures are amazing. Dad said she looks too young now to be his wife and he said he feels like a grandpa. I reminded him that he is a grandpa to my brother and his wife’s kids. He gave me the Dad look and said, “You know what I mean.” Well, on his birthday, Mom got him Radiesse Plus in Denver too. Now they are both acting weird. You would think they were teenagers again.

It is like my Mom and Dad are in one of those movies where the lead characters switch minds with young people. I am half afraid they are going to want to start hanging out with me and my friends. They say that age is only how you feel. Well, I guess their wrinkle treatments got them feeling a lot younger now. If Mom asks to borrow any of my clothes, I am going to freak!


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