Beauty Care During Travel

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. True. Everyone has his own parameters of beauty. The concept of beauty has a lot to do with viewpoint. But beauty is more about making the choice to look beautiful, it is about loving oneself, giving value to one’s body and making efforts to maintain or enhance beauty quotient. Traveling to beaches or hilly areas certainly makes you feel fresh, resurrect your energy and positivity but you skin can get damaged if you don’t follow a proper travel beauty care regime.

This article delineates some beauty and skin care tips which you can follow to not only look ravishing during your holidays but glisten up with radiance after your holiday adventures. If you do simplest of things you can protect your skin from getting sun burnt, dry or damaged while on vacations.

a) Use a good quality sunscreen
Girls who desire ravishing spotless face and pink cherry lips must not set out on vacations without sunscreen and good lip balm in their luggage. It is very important to understand that prolonged exposure to sun rays will not just give you tanned skin but can also lead to premature signs of aging. Give yourself cover from harmful UV rays and apply generous amount of sunscreen after every four or five hours to maintain your complexion.

b) Stay immune to acne, pimples and blackheads with cleanser
Dust, pollution may clog your skin pores while traveling. You must let it breathe by using a good cleanser or face wash at least twice or thrice a day. If you forget to carry a cleanser, remember, raw milk is a great cleanser. You can wipe off all your make up, dust with it and wash later on with lukewarm water.

c) Rejuvenate your skin with moisturizer
A good quality moisturizer with vitamin C and B help to boost the collagen process and keep your skin looking radiant while traveling. You must hydrate your skin with it in extreme hot or cold weather.

d) Under eye cream is another must have in your make up kit
Under eye cream keeps dark circles and puffiness of the eye at a distance. However, in case, you forget this item, you can use ice cubes or cucumber or tea bags available in hotel to get fresh face.

e) Eat Well, stay hydrated
It is important to focus on nutrition and eat well while on the go. Traveling involves treating your taste buds with all kind of locale delicacies. One must avoid eating too spicy or too sweet foods to maintain a healthy body. Do remember to drink loads of water to stay energized and flush out the toxins.

A wide range of bath and beauty care products are available online. In case, you forget to carry something, you can always order online to take care of your skin anywhere, anytime. After all, taking care of your skin is not about being vain, it is commitment to living healthy and looking gorgeous every day.


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